About Shelby

Welcome to Shelbyallover!

It’s more than a passion– it’s like having a constant craving. I crave an outlet and writing feeds it. It’s my hobby and my way of expressing myself. I’ve had this blog since August 2014. I tend to never focus on just one topic and I take pride in being all over the place (hint blog name). I write about all of the things I enjoy in life and I hope you enjoy or take something out of the words I share.
FullSizeRender.jpgA little about Shelby: I was raised on a farm in a small town right outside of Nashville. It truly taught me to appreciate the sunshine and simple things in life.



I graduated from Tennessee Technological University in May of 2017 with a B.S. in communications. I am full of a little sass and sarcasm but a lot of positivity! Though I have no idea where it might be, I am so excited to see where my future takes me! I am very obsessed with the color purple, cats and getting my hands on something to create. I love being surrounded by my family and friends more than anything else. I am completely in love with my best friend, we have had our ups and downs just like any other couple but he has been my muse since Feb 14, 2014.

I seriously get so giddy at the thought of someone enjoying this site at all so feel free to comment or find me on social media!



5 thoughts on “About Shelby

  1. Shelby,
    I visited your blog, and it’s wonderful, I wish we can become best friend for ever, because, there are many passion which we can share together.
    Eagerly awaiting your presence at my blog…….
    I wish, I will not be disappointed.

    Liked by 1 person

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